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The word of the Managing Director

Al-Assriya "Printing & Creativity"

Ever since it was established, Al-Assriya was like a bet horse. Its first aim is to reach the top and keep up with the latest technology in printing industry to offer the receiver good appealing printing materials. That has made Al-Assriya a milestone in the world of printing.

For all that, Al-Assriya gained its position, this respected establishment, was first established in 1952, and has a 60 years of bright journey, proving its role on every step on the way and taking the lead in printing industry.

Al-Assriya, was and still a history full of success, genuinity, efforts, development, scientific approach, and the latest technology.

It always shows the complete adherence to customers, and ensures that in its daily performance to offer fast printing services, with top quality and in best prices.

And we shouldn't forget the positive role Al-Assriya played under the challenges and circumstances faced Kuwait, which helped in the rise of the Kuwaiti economy by offering high quality printing services, and being interactive with the Kuwait reconstruction demands after liberation in 1991 by giving school books on time, which is considered to be of the most important phases for Al-Assriya.

And last but not least, we will always pursue the development of our potentials and machines, and catch up with the latest technology to bring all new to our job to give the best performance, because the customer satisfaction for us cannot be compromised.

And today ... Al-Assriya, is renewing its vows to its customers, and to all those who are interested in Kuwait, to continue its role and message with a great motivation that was gained by your consistence trust and support.

Our Customer ... Are our family
Our promises ... to always give the best
And our slogan ... together toward the best printing services.

Suleiman Al-Nawawreh
(Partner & Managing Director)

Brief of our History

Our business as Al-Assriya Printing Press was first established in 1952. We placed complete focus on high-quality, low cost and fast-paced printing. We attribute this to the primary reason behind our accomplishments.

We believe that hiring Al-Assriya to handle your pre-press, printing, binding needs is your best choice. When you choose our printing services, you choose a rich tradition that includes: Innovation, value, flexibility, customer satisfaction and retention.

To take the lead in the printing industry through continually investing in the latest printing technology and effectively serving and satisfying the customer, as the customer satisfaction is our main priority that cannot be compromised.
To offer complete state-of-the-art one-stop shop solution delivering quality and attention to detail across all prepress, printing, finishing and mailing needs with a commitment to highest standards.
To maintain our growth both regionally and globally, by continually providing our partners with exceptional services, and by keeping pace with the cutting edge of technology.
The Team

Our most valuable asset is our team, starting with our professional administrative and sales staff handling all client inquiries and requests, moving on to our graphic and creative division staff, all enjoying excellent skills added to their artistic style and abilities. All the way to the upper management, always leading Al Assriya to be a pioneer in its field through continuous development and training.

The warm work environment at Al Assriya allows clients to feel the personalization of work, with unprecedented efficiency where our staff members give their full potential with every job coming their way.

Our team includes print industry professionals with many years of experience, in addition to fresh blood of the younger generation full of energy and ideas to take Al Assriya forward.

Our professional administrative and sales staff handling all client inquiries and requests, moving on to our graphic and creative division staff, all enjoying excellent skill added to their artistic style and abilities.